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**All rides depart from the Cracker Barrel (CB) at I-10 and Garth Rd. in Baytown unless otherwise noted**
  October 2014
Date   Event Time Where/Departs
10-31-2014 Friday It's Halloween and we've all heard that there is safety in numbers, so we are planning to gather at Steve & Judy Ferguson's for a Halloween Party.  No costumes are required.  The more people there, the more we will be protected against zombies, monsters, and other creatures that come out on Halloween. 6:00 pm Steve & Judy's home
    November 2014    
11-1-2014 Saturday CHANGE IN PLANS !!!
It will probably be a little cold for the ride home after the movies, so instead, we are going to Gulf Greyhound Park to eat, visit, and watch the puppies run.
12:30 pm Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
11-6-2014 Thursday Join us for our monthly Chapter Gathering.  We will be discussing important things, like riding and eating.  We will also be discussing other important Chapter C business, like the Chapter Christmas Party, Mid Winter Round Up, Riding, & Eating. 7:30 pm Cedar Bayou Community Center, Hwy 146 in Baytown
11-8-2014 Saturday Lunch ride to Joe's BBQ in Alvin.  Everybody loves BBQ. 10:00 am Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
11-15-2014 Saturday Lunch at Steamboat Bills at 1004 North Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Good Cajun food!! 8:30 am Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
11-18-2014 Tuesday Chapter Planning Meeting at Roosters in Baytown.  Come at 6:00 pm to eat and visit before the meeting, or come at 7:00 pm and help us plan some exciting rides and fun events. 7:00 Roosters Steak House at Texas Ave & Main St. in Baytown
11-22-2014 Saturday Let's go to Sour Lake for lunch.  We're not sure where we will eat yet, but it will be posted before we get there.  Keep checking back for more details.  We will work up an appetite while riding through East Texas. TBD  Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
11-27, 28, 29-2014 Thursday
Going Camping after having a Thanksgiving meal with family.  We are going to join Chapter N2 at Wolf Creek Park for a fun filled weekend.  If you don't want to camp, you can just come up Friday and/or Saturday and spend the day with us.
    December 2014    
12-4-2014 Thursday We look forward to seeing you at our Chapter Gathering.  We will be talking about riding, and dieting (the turkey left overs should be gone by now) 7:30 pm Cedar Bayou Community Center, Hwy 146 in Baytown
12-6-2014 Saturday Chapter C's Christmas Party will be at Roosters in Baytown - Details will be posted soon 6:00 pm Roosters
12-7-2014 Sunday Wrap party for the Foster Children's Christmas Party.  Come and help wrap the presents that will put a smile on the kids faces.  The wrap party will be at Angela and Robert Cherry’s House, 6527 East Laura Circle, Baytown TX 77521.  If you plan to help, please call Angela or Robert at 713-882-8724 or 281-221-9430.  Click here for more information. 1:30 pm to 4 pm Robert & Angela's Home
12-13-2014 Saturday The Foster Children Christmas Party will be at the Faith Presbyterian Church, 3900 North Main in Baytown.  Setup and decoration starts at 11:00 am. 
Click here for more information
11:00 Faith Presbyterian Church, 3900 North Main, Baytown
12-14-2014 Sunday   Everybody likes dogs...right?  Especially when your dog comes in 1st.  We will be riding to Gulf Greyhound Park for the matinee races and an exciting afternoon with friends and dogs.  (No, you can't bring your own dog)  11:30 am Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
12-16-2014 Tuesday Chapter Planning Meeting - The location will be posted later 7:00 TBD
    January 2015     
1-1-2015   Thursday Polar Bear Ride - Dress warm!! We will decide where the polar bears go to ride on New Years Day and let you know    Cracker Barrel at I-10 & Garth Road
1-8-2015 Thursday This month's Chapter Gathering is on the second Thursday  because we will be out riding and looking for polar bears on the first Thursday 7:30 pm Cedar Bayou Community Center, Hwy 146 in Baytown
1-10-2015  Saturday  Mid Winter Round up at the Frank Mayborn Convention Center in Temple